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07 May 2018

6th Palma Superyacht Show: Bigger, Better and in a Class on its Own

The general consensus of visitors and exhibitors is that the Palma Superyacht Show has improved in leaps and bounds this year. This edition’s extended show-area, larger amount of bigger yachts and floating bridge were all mentioned as factors in this year’s unequivocal success. Moreover, the Palma Superyacht Show has this year demonstrated its bona fides as an internationally recognized event.

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The Islander's Managing Editor Simon Relph (long-time supporter and media partner) affirmed: "The Palma Superyacht Show can now stand up against any other boat show, local or international. While visitor numbers and the amount of quality yachts on display have increased gradually over the last years, this year has been a huge step-up, and in many aspects."

Indeed, the new 72m floating bridge meant getting around the show and seeing the various yachts was a cakewalk for visitors. Furthermore, the show’s varied selection meant that anything from record-breaking racers/ cruisers to superlatively stylish motoryachts could be inspected within a hair's breadth.

The Refit and Repair area’s relocation was also a contributing factor in the show’s upgrade. Yet although the R&R area stood out prominently it still mainly attracted industry experts and professionals. Hugh Agnew, director of A+T Instruments, manufacturers of custom marine electronics, enthused: “We have loved every moment of the show and our R&R-stand has been absolutely great for us, primarily because of the many captains, engineers and owners visiting. In fact, we have already asked our office to book the same stand for next year!"

Relph is of the same mind: "We’ve made great contacts, received valuable feedback and I’ll be happy to have the stand again next year."

Doyle Sales Director Phil Maxwell was also pleased with the company’s presence at the show: “We had a great number of clientele attending the stand and have been able to attract potential new clients as well as touch base with existing customers. The show’s been a fantastic way for us to start the Mediterranean season."

Another high-point, which was also much-commented upon, is the show’s sunny atmosphere. Exhibitors and visitors alike clearly relish the relaxed ambiance and veritable joie de vivre that is characteristic of the Palma Superyacht Show. After all, who wouldn’t prefer to network and do business in an environment which boasts an infectiously laid-back vibe and in picture-perfect surroundings to boot?

Images below: Stuart Pearce - Yachtshot 

Bottom left: Bill Tripp, designer of AQUIJO (which features on the Islander's cover)




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