25 – 28 April 2024
10 May 2022


The 2022 edition of the PIBS & Palma Superyacht Village emerged strong after a complicated couple of years in the grip of the pandemic. The exhibitor bookings over the past winter had already given an indication of the latent need among the yachting businesses to “get out there” – to meet people, to network face to face, to do business. 276 exhibitors all in all – even surpassing the pre-Covid levels - were ready to take the leap of faith early on, when nobody knew what the health situation would be at the time of the show.

When the stars lined up and even the last covid restrictions were lifted just before the show, there was no holding back – the public turned up; there were the yacht buyers, the yachting professionals, the captains & the crews and naturally those who just wanted to soak in the atmosphere and be where the action was.

During the four days of the show, Moll Vell was heaving and buzzing with excitement, and even after the show, the echo keeps resonating in the social media and yachting publications. It is too early to report on any concrete business deals, we might never even know. Successful yacht shows are a framework for meetings and fruitful discussions, for strengthening business relationships and for making new contacts, leading to results over time.

Even if it is justified to stay that the Palma event had a lucky break – the audience was show-starved as many previous events had been cancelled, the local covid restrictions were lifted just in time and the weather collaborated with ideal conditions – there are also many factors manifesting that the success of the event was not just a flash in the pan.

To begin with, the event already has a reputation as “the yachting industry´s favorite show”. This is a result of years of work and a steady compass by the organization – the show is kept low key, relaxed, and affordable both for the exhibitors and visitors alike, combining luxury, professionalism and fun in a unique package, with a human touch to boot.

Furthermore, the event is gaining more international leverage. The incorporation of the superyacht brokerage and charter into the very local show some ten years ago turned a leaf, paving way for PIBS & Palma Superyacht Village to become one of the must-do events on the show calendar. By highlighting the local companies, services and facilities, the event has no doubt also played a part in building a reputation for Palma as a sought-after superyacht maintenance and refit hub.

Ultimately, the emergence of satellite events, meetings, conferences, dinners and parties that bear the label “in conjunction with PIBS and Palma Superyacht Village” is a compliment and testimony of the pulling power of the event. This is wonderful and worth fostering in a collaborative spirit so that added value can be had by all, especially the local economy.

PIBS and Palma Superyacht Village has truly consolidated its position among the great events on the yachting calendar in Europe. Make sure to book your exhibition space in time for next year as not to miss out!



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